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Dec 01

How To Keep Your Vision Alive

Have you ever had some kind of a vision, maybe years back and you wonder if that is still real? I see so many women who forget about their visions and dreams and because of that they are lacking momentum and energy. They try to get on with their lives as good as they can […]

Nov 08

Confidence Is Your Natural State Of Being

Being confident is knowing what you’re capable of doing.  But here’s catch 22: oftentimes we don’t know, because we cannot see beyond our limiting beliefs, our conditioning and our confusion, no matter how much we work on ourselves. As a result our lives get off balance and a lot of us develop neurotic behavior. I’ve […]

Oct 13

Do You Really Need A Coach?

“Good coaching is like a dress that fits all right. Best coaching however custom designs that perfect piece that only fits you.”  From a pragmatic point of view you probably don’t need a coach, as it isn’t life-sustaining, but if you are looking for ways to up-level your life, getting clear on the things that […]

Sep 23

How To Deal With Anxiety

Have you ever asked yourself why you always seem to struggle with anxiety and why you keep falling into that same pattern over and over again? Just imagine you’re faced with a big challenge, such as giving a speech to the staff members of a big company and just thinking about it, almost makes you […]

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