There's no difference between a troubled horse and a person not believing in himself.


And that's really good news!

If you know how to help a horse get over its stuff, you have the key to get your own life back in balance. And that includes your partnership, your job and your health.

When you want to help horses, you have to work with their nature, and that's why this approach is so powerful. It goes to the core of it all and it can transform lives in a very short time. The same is true for us!

“90% of all problems with horses and people have to do with confusion and fear. Once you clear that by establishing safety, deep transformation is inevitable and it can happen fast.“

Here's what some say about me:

Michaela has a strong intuitive ability ...She doesn't try to solve your problem, rather she acts as a guide, helping you bring out your own power and strength to face the challenge or problem you are dealing with. Michaela's support and encouragement was invaluable to me recently as I went through a significant life changing event.

Leah Cooper

Michaela is a clear visioned, skilled and wise ... old soul putting us all on our paths. Effortless, patient and creative she finds fitting metaphors that challenged my dysfunctional believes. She has a no-bullshit yet very kind and generous attitude. I really recommend her!!

Lucia Engel

"Michaela is absolutely competent! After only 2 sessions, I got insights that I have searched for the last 5 years. Fascinating!"

Britta Niemerg 

Michaela is a very intuitive coach. She has the very rare talent to give space to women to unfold to their authentic wildness and beauty. She is deeply authentic…

Marie-louise Pereira

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